Car loan

Car loan: a car credit to finance the purchase of your vehicle or motorcycle
Car credit is a type of credit linked to the purchase of a new or used vehicle or even a motorcycle. So you must understand that this type of credit cannot be used for anything other than the purchase of a vehicle. It is assigned directly to the purchase of a car or a motorcycle. You can take something new or used depending on your choice.

A credit for all your car projects

You plan to buy a vehicle, but you do not have the necessary capital to finance it. If you need credit to buy a car, you have come to the right place, Prodicax welcomes you with a special car loan that allows you to save money. How does prodicax car credit work? Prodicax can take care of finding you a car of your choice with all the characteristics you want from one of its car suppliers. You can also recommend us directly your special supplier for the purchase of car or motorcycle. You can also manage the purchase of your vehicle or motorcycle yourself. You will choose your car from your supplier. Prodicax in turn takes care of concluding the purchase with your supplier.