Personal loan

Personal loan: Get a personal credit in less than 72 horas
Personal credit is a type of unrestricted credit, the amount of which is at the free use of the borrower. It is generally granted to a customer who is not assigned to any voucher. The use of this credit is personal. You do not need to justify your action. You can use the amount granted as you wish.

A flexible personal loan to finance your project

You plan to make a personal project, take a family trip, reorganize your wardrobe, purchase a particular property or finance the marriage of a child, it happens to need financing to quickly solve our various concerns. Prodicax provides you with personal credit suitable for your needs. This is a credit, the amount of which you can use as you wish. Credit Prodicax staff is very advantageous. It offers greater flexibility of use. You will not be asked for any proof. Prodicax applies the best reduced interest rate on the market. This approach is part of our vision. Our online credit simulation will enlighten you on your request.