Repurchase of credit

Repurchase of credit: consolidate your credits into one |  Prodicax credit

What is a buyback of credits?

Credit redemption or credit consolidation is a financial solution that consists of grouping all the credits contacted by a borrower into one. Thus, credits can be entrusted to a single financial institution. Having your loans with a single financial institution can allow you to, les crédits peuvent être confié à un seul établissement financier. Avoir ses prêts auprès d'un seul seul établissement financier peut permettre de:
  • reduce monthly charges,
  • increase repayment time.
  • lower the debt ratio,
  • increase the monthly payment,

Who are those who can benefit from a loan buy-back?

In general, any individual who has taken out at least two loans can subscribe to a loan buy-back. Just contact us, a consultant will take care of you.